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Series: Cybertron

Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2006

Demolishor thinks just about as fast as he drives. He has heard rumors about the return of Galvatron. Quite frankly, he hoped they weren't true. After working for the Decepticon leader for years, he's been fine without someone bigger and badder than he is to kick him around. Still, given how thick Cybertron has been getting with Scrapmetal vermin, it's be nice to have a few more Decepticons around to back him up.

Prelude: Cybertron Demolishor is, of course, a simple repaint of Armada Demolishor. But seeing as it's been five years since I've reviewed the original, this repaint scores a full review of its own.

Robot Mode: Demolishor is definitely one of the better molds created for the Armada series, though he does seem just the slightest bit archaic among the Cybertron figures. He doesn't really have any shortcomings in terms of detailing and his posability is, for the most part, quite good. Side note: I messed up the initial pictures a bit by not turning Demolishor's hip around, so as seen in the pictures his knees bend in the wrong direction. I'll add some pictures with the correct robot mode later on.

Overall, I really dig Demolishor's robot mode. I especially like his gun barrel fingers and how he can convert his arms into an attack mode. The new coloring, green and beige, is a bit more military-like than the original red and beige, but I wouldn't call it particularly better or worse than the original version.

Unlike other Armada and Energon figures recycled for the Cybertron series, Demolishor did not receive a Cyberkey slot, but rather retains his original Minicon port. Instead of a Minicon he now has a Cyberkey with a Minicon knob sculpted onto its backside. A bit of a cop-out, but Demolishor's gimmick was never that great anyway, as it just causes his left missile launcher to extend a bit, nothing more. So all in all, still a good robot mode, neither better nor worse than it was in Armada.

Vehicle Mode: Of course Demolishor still transforms into that strange missile tank thing that he did in Armada days. Here is where the lack of a Minicon partner grates a bit more, seeing as there is no one to occupy the chair on the rear of the tank. You can, of course, twist the chair around in various positions so it doesn't quite look like a chair, but pretty much all the other configurations just look strange. No changes apart from that. The gimmick, what there is to it, works here as well, of course and the new paint job fits, too. So bottom line, a good military vehicle mode.

Remarks: Demolishor was a core member of the Decepticon cast in both Armada and Energon, but didn't return in the Cybertron series. His toy profile hints that he retired after the apparent death of Galvatron and only returned because Cybertron was in danger from the Scrapmetal vermin. Having apparently recovered from his dumbing-down in Energon, he's back in his original body. How? No idea, but it's kind of nice to see him again, as he was one of the most interesting Decepticons in the Unicron-Trilogy (at least until halfway through Energon). Now this figure is far from a must-have, but it's a good, solid Decepticon figure and seeing as it portrays one of the few important characters from the Unicron-Trilogy not inspired by older G1 characters, it's definitely worth getting. Also, you can probably pick up one of these relatively cheap.

Rating: B

Update 2010-01-19: As promised, I have added pics with Demolishor's hip the right way around and the bendy knees.
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