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Series: Last Knight Premier Edition
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Headmaster
Year: 2017

Robot Mode: Cogman is a Deluxe-class robot and easily recognizable as a car Transformer thanks to the wheels on his arms and legs. He carries most of the car shell on his back, but it folds together nicely into a relatively small backpack. Like roughly 90% of all Movie toy figures he is mostly grey, but most of it is actually PAINTED grey this time instead of just unpainted grey plastic. He also sports a lot of detail work on his chest and shoulders. Given his name, it’s unsurprising that he has gotten a sort of steampunk-ish design with lots of visible cogs and such. Looks pretty nice and we haven’t really seen this sort of visual since Vector Prime.

Cogman’s face is also interestingly designed, looking somewhat like a love child between Movie Bumblebee and Star Wars’ C-3PO. He’s also a Headmaster, more on that below. For a weapon Cogman carries a sword that’s apparently a match for the sword Cade carries in the Last Knight movie. Articulation is excellent, enabling Cogman to even wield the sword two-handed in a number of poses.

There is also a somewhat alternate configuration possible here, as you can turn Cogman’s shoulder pieces ninety degrees sideways. Radically changes his silhouette. Didn’t take pictures of that, sorry, but you can easily try it at home. His official configuration has the shoulder pads down, though. Anyway, Cogman is a pretty interesting robot and really the only thing I can complain about here is that he could have featured a few more colors. Otherwise, though, very nice. Two thumbs up.

Alternate Mode: Cogman transforms into a licensed Aston Martin DB11. Sadly it’s almost all grey, too (and unpainted grey plastic this time) with very few painted details (just the tail lights, actually) and a black roof. Still looks good, though, and you can open up the roof to show the interior, which can seat two Titan Master figures and, naturally, has the steering wheel on the right side. Cogman’s sword is stored on the underside of the car, just don’t think too hard on where the tip is located. Overall a nice car mode. Could have used a bit more paint, but otherwise no complaints.

Partner / Add-On: Cogman is a Headmaster, meaning his head detaches and becomes a separate robot. This smaller robot, who is the actual Cogman as best I can tell, is identical to the current Titans Return Titan Masters and fully compatible with those figures, too. The head of the tiny robot is identical to the bigger head it transforms into (minus the paint) and it has the standard Titan Master articulation. It can sit inside Cogman’s car mode (on the right side, naturally). Overall a nice figure, no complaints.

Remarks: Still haven’t seen the Last Knight movie, so I only know Cogman from those few short scenes in the trailers. Apparently he served as Anthony Hopkins butler (in his smaller, human-sized configuration). Though he was apparently called a Headmaster in the movie, he never demonstrated the ability on-screen. There was supposed to be a scene where he beheaded Nitro and used his body, but it was never filmed nor mentioned. So if you want to recreate the movie cast, you really need just the smaller robot.

Cinematic atrocities aside, Cogman is a very nice figure. The first and so far only Headmaster in the movie toy lines, a James Bond car that becomes a giant robot, and overall a good Transformer. Not an all-time classic, but yet another sign that the Last Knight toy line is far better than the movie it is sadly saddled with.

Rating: B+
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