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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Obliterator
Year: 1993

I will not rest until the last Autobot is crushed to nothing and Decepticons rule.
A vehicle of terrifying power and pure evil. Combines a keen brain with diabolical cruelty. His whole being is dedicated to vengeance. A nightmare opponent, powered by pure hate and the thought of ultimate victory. Overwhelms, flattens, and throws aside anybody foolish enough to get in his way. As a vehicle attacks from all sides with vast weapon power and does terrible damage with his vicious, rear-mounted grabbing claw. Menacing in intermediate mode as a multi-purpose battle station. As a gigantic robot, towers terrifyingly above all.

Robot Mode: A very interesting robot mode, even though the colour scheme is a bit strange (pink thighs???). With the halves of the truck front forming the shoulders and the cockpit becoming the feet Clench might just have the most innovative truck-becomes-robot design I've ever seen. Posability is quite good for a toy from that time and the detailling is nothing to scoff at. The only thing I really miss here is some kind of hand weapon. Apart from that, though, a good robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: Clench transforms into a big tow truck with grapple claw on the back. Thankfully the pink parts from the robot mode all fold away here and aren't visible anymore. The truck as such is nothing special, but looks realistic enough and offers some play value thanks to the extendable claw at the back. So all in all a decent vehicle mode.

Partners / Add-Ons: The back of Clench's truck mode can transform into a small artillery base, a big missile launcher on a tripod. It doesn't look bad, but sadly it's his only weapon.

Remarks: Clench is a figure from the short-lived days where Generation 1 was already over in the States, but still going on in Europe. As far as I know he never appeared in any comic or cartoon series, neither Western nor Japanese. But the figure itself (which was re-issued for Generation 2 under the name Colossus) is, while not spectacular, surprisingly innovative and just plain fun. I wouldn't go so far as to recommend it, but if you see it cheap on ebay or somewhere there is no reason you shouldn't get it for your collection.

Rating: C+
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