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Series: Studio Series
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2020


Scrapmetal is part of the Studio Series Devastator (SS-69) giftset.

Scrapmetal is the least known of the Movieverse Constructicons and I guess he’s a homage to Cybertron Scrapmetal. Scrapmetal has a mostly humanoid robot mode, only the knee configuration is a bit weird, but works just fine. He has great articulation and two clamps for hands, which kind of fits him well. He also comes with an entirely superfluous detachable plate, which he carries on his arm in robot mode and on the back of his vehicle mode. His vehicle mode, an excavator, looks pretty good and might just be the cleanest-looking of all the vehicles. No visible robot bits, no outrageous kibble. So bottom line: a good figure, no real complaints.

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