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Jolt, Reverb & Six-Speed

Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Mini-Con
Year: 2005

Robot Modes: Jolt, the leader of the team, has the most unique look of the team, seeing as his head is tucked away inside the transparent cockpit of his helicopter mode. With some nice detailing and the rotors on his back he doesn't look half-bad, but it's hard to make out any features of his head, which drags him down a bit. Six-Speed, the green one, is a pretty standard Minicon. Not bad, but no surprises or highlights here, either. Finally there is Reverb, the blue one, and my personal favorite of the team. He has the best posability, detailing, and the big forearms make him look pretty strong. To sum it up, in robot mode the Recon Team ranges from average to good.

Alternate Modes: Jolt becomes a helicopter with a bubble-style cockpit and looks pretty good as far as such small toy vehicles go. Again, you can't make out much inside the cockpit, but there is something like seats sculpted in. Six-Speed becomes a green sportscar and Reverb a blue pick-up. The two car Minicons are pretty standard in car mode. I like Reverb slightly better here simply because his car mode is a bit more detailed, if only by a nudge. So all in all, decent vehicle modes.

Remarks: The Recon Team were the Bumblebee of the Cybertron series, the child-like little guys who struck up friendship with the human kids. As such they played a pretty big role in the series, even though half the time I wanted nothing more than for some Decepticon to scrap them. As figures they are so-so. Jolt is a nifty idea, but it didn't turn out that good. Six-Speed is pretty standard and I really like Reverb. So for the whole team I'd say they're on the good side of average.

Rating: C+
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