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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Basic
Year: 1997

More poisonous than a Cybertronian razor snake, Spittor can immobilize an enemy in less than seven seconds. Highly sensitive microchips existing just millimeters beneath his "skin" instantly release venom on contact with aggressors. When on the attack, his powerful legs allow him to leap in front of enemies over 100 yards away. After catching them off guard, he releases his head-butting poison tongue to knock them out cold. Talk about tough, this guy doesn't feed on flies, he feeds on Maximals.

My Review:

Robot Mode: Spittor is one of relatively few Transformers I can think of who look much worse in robot mode than in their alternate mode. That's not to say the robot mode is bad, far from it. It's pretty posable, the detailing is good, it's just a bit misshapen (the long arms) and otherwise offers little to entertain. Spittor is sadly lacking a weapon, but does feature one gimmick: He can extend his neck, popping his head up to nearly twice his normal height. It's really a feature for the beast mode, but for some reason it's funny as hell in robot mode, too. Bottom line, a decent robot, but nothing special.

Beast Mode: The beast mode is where Spittor really shines. He's a poisoneous frog and the designers really did themselves proud with the colours and detailing on Kermit's homicidal brother. The yellow stripes on his blue skin look great and the detailing with the numerous bumbs and warts is exceptional. The frog is also very posable, good for all kinds of leaping poses. The lever on his back makes his tongue pop out. Okay, it's hard to miss that it's his robot head at the end of the tongue, but it's still a fun gimmick. All in all one of the better beast modes of the entire Beast Wars line.

Remarks: Another no-show character from early on in the series, Spittor featured briefly in IDW's Beast Wars comic series as one of Magmatron's lieutenants. He was later upgraded into a Transmetal 2, which was then re-released for Robots in Disguise as the Predacon Slapper. This original version is far superior to the Transmetal one, though. So if you're a fan of beast-mode Transformers, this one is for you, though more for the beast than the robot mode.

Rating: B-

And for a second opinion, the review by Megatron:

Robot Mode: Spittor is one of my favorite Transformers. He looks very cool, only his arms are somewhat too long, which does drag him down a little bit. Unfortunately Spittor does not have any kind of weapon, but he can extend his head, becoming a very tall Transformer. The one thing that's really shitty about this guy, though, are the too long arms and the missing weapon. Apart from those sad facts, though, he is a very nice Transformer, both for playing with and looking at.

Beast Mode: Spittor has a very unique beast mode. He transforms into a poisonous toad and can even use his robot head as a snap-out tongue, which looks really funny. He also has very nice paint applications, the mixture of blue and orange looks very nice. I especially like that perfect level of detail here. He has small warts sculpted into his back and his teeth look pretty cool as well. You don't really notice the long arms in beast mode, only the robot legs are a bit out of place here.

Remarks: Spittor never appeared in the Beast Wars TV series, but he did feature in the comics. He is very simple to transform, too. Just bend a few parts here and there and you've got robot to toad or back again. Overall Spittor is a very nicely done Transformer and it was worth getting him for my collection.

Rating: A-
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