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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Real Gear
Year: 2007

Zoom Out 25X is inhumanly patient. He'll wait for days or weeks in his camera mode without moving or making a sound, just to get the perfect shot of you doing something you shouldn't. Then, using his editing features, he'll alter the video to be as embarrassing as possible. He doesn't do this because it's his mission or anything - he just likes to cause trouble.

Robot Mode: Look-wise Zoom Out is a mixture of G1 Reflector and Beast Wars' Transmetal 2 Dinobot, the latter having supplied the head. Whatever the inspirations, the robot mode looks pretty good. What could be better is posability, though, as the tiny arms are a bit restricted and the claws at the end don't open, either. All in all, though, a good robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Zoom Out transforms into a camcorder with a swivel-up video display on the side. The display shows a picture of Nitro Convoy / Override from the Cybertron series, which seems be a bit of a trend (Power Up and Spy Shot also had pictures of Cybertron characters, after all). The Camcorder looks pretty realistic and with some squinting you can actually look through it. So all in all a good alternate mode.

Remarks: With the Autobots having gotten the actual Reflector-homage in the form of Spy Shot, the Decepticons at least get a close approximation in the form of Zoom Out. As a robot he's good, but not spectacular, and the alternate mode is solid. So if you like the Real Gear concept, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting Zoom Out. A good, solid toy.

Rating: B
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