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Series: Legacy Evolution
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2023


Prelude: Sideswipe might be the most famous Generation 2 repaint of them all, even more than Ramjet, and we have had black G2 repaints of pretty much every Sideswipe figure ever made. Now, though, Legacy Evolution dives deep into the 1990s nostalgia and brings us Generation 2 Sideswipe as we have never seen him before. So put on your oversized plaid shirt, boot up your AOL connection, and get ready for one of the most 90s figures you have ever seen. Let’s say go!

Robot Mode: This figure here is like the fifteenth or so reuse of the Siege Sideswipe mold, so read my review of the original for all the details. Just some words on the differences here. Legacy Sideswipe uses the retooled version of the mold first used in the Kingdom line (with a somewhat more Earth-like car mode). No new tooling changes have been made for the Legacy version, though it uses the head of the Red Alert version of the mold for some reason.

The only real change is the new paintjob and what a glorious paintjob it is. Sideswipe now has a bright, screaming yellow  for his chestplate and shoulders, as well as Power Core Combiner port blue for his shins, hands, and head. His weapons are a somewhat darker shade of blue. And, of course, he has a sunrise, complete with red sky and clouds, painted on his chest. Why? Who cares, it looks awesome! A G2 Autobot symbol has been placed on his left shoulder.

No other changes to the figure. Still a good, solid Deluxe-Class figure without any spectacular features. But he looks glorious in these new colors.

Alternate Mode: No surprise here, Sideswipe still transforms into a car somewhat resembling a Lamborghini Countach LP500S but without any pesky licensing issues. Here, too, the only new thing is the paintjob and you have that glorious sunset both on the hood and on the doors, as well. Most of the car is yellow, fading into blue near the rear. Like many recent Transformers figures, there is a bit of a color gap between the solid yellow hood and rear on one side and the painted yellow roof, but it’s not as noticeable here as, for example, on Earthrise Sunstreaker.

Bottom line: a cool car with a glorious paintjob. The only thing I would have changed are the two blue parts on the sides (parts of the robot’s shoulders), those should have been yellow, too.

Remarks: Sideswipe is part of the so-called Toxitron Collection, a subline or capsule of the Legacy Evolution series that is (in the US, at least) exclusive to Walmart stores. They are based on unreleased concepts for repaints in the Generation 2 line, so the nostalgia is strong with these ones. Of course Sideswipe never sported these colors in any media, so this is really just a 1990s thing for the people who were kids or teens during that time. Or, you know, people of all ages who just dig the colors.

Personally I skipped most of this Toxitron Collection (a term you will not find on the packaging, by the way), but when I saw the first pictures of Sideswipe here, I was sold. A lemon-yellow car with a sunset painted on its hood? I am not sure why, but I needed to have it, despite not being that big a fan of the mold. So bottom line: a good figure with a glorious new paintjob. If you like Sideswipe and these colors, this should be an easy decision for you.

Rating: B

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