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Series: Movie AllSpark Power
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2008

With pictures of him all over the internet in robot and vehicle mode, Bumblebee began to feel a little uncomfortable. People recognized him everywhere. More importantly, new Decepticons arriving on Earth found him easily, which put Sam and others in danger. With Mikaela's help he picked out a new color scheme for his armor plating that made him harder to spot, and also made it easier to sneak up on any Decepticons that wandered into the range of his plasma cannon.

Remarks: Stealth Bumblebee is, of course, a repaint (with a different head) of the second Movie Bumblebee, the 2008 Camaro version, so look there for the full review. Just a few words on the differences. This is actually the third version of this mold I've held in hand (the second being Cliffjumper), so there isn't a whole lot I can write about it that I haven't already written elsewhere. It's still an excellent figure all around with no flaws worth mentioning, possible the best mold in the entire Movie line-up.

So what changed in this version? Apart from the mostly black paint job (pretty much the original paint job reversed, making him the Movie version of Animated Elite Guard Bumblebee), Stealth Bumblebee received a new head. It's the battle mask that Bumblebee sported several times during the Movie. It's sculpted into the head very nicely, so no complaints on that part. And that, well, is pretty much it. Except for the color everything else is the same, so I'm running out of things to write. Another great version of a great figure. In my opinion every TF fan should own at least one version of this superb mold.

Little shout-out to fellow TF-fan LimeWire: Hope you have fun with Stealth Bumblebee.

Rating: A

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