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Series: Legacy
Year: 2022
Allegiance: Predacon
Class: Voyager
Prelude: For the Glory of the Royalty! All Traitors shall Burn! Pain is my Friend, allow me to introduce you to it! Inferno definitely had some of the best lines in all of Beast Wars. And while his toy was pretty good, there is room for improvement in terms of screen accuracy. Can Legacy Inferno do a better job of portraying the insane destroyer ant? Let’s say go!

Robot Mode: The original Beast Wars Inferno figure was already a pretty close match to the character from the TV show, but the head was not entire accurate and the chest was not one hundred percent, either. I can safely say that the Legacy figure has made improvements on both these fronts. This is pretty much Inferno as if he had just stepped out of the TV, especially the head. I love that they designed it so that Inferno can open up his huge mouth and show off his teeth. Very nicely done.

The rest of the figure does a good job, too. I should mention that the ant legs on the robot legs are fakes, though. Four of the six ant legs are arm kibble, the remaining two hang off his hip. I can live with that, so no point deduction here. Inferno is very nicely articulated, too, and while the insect legs on the arms get in the way here and there, they are also articulated enough that you can easily move them out of the way. So no complaints here, either.

Inferno’s most important gimmick, his butt rocket, is also included, thankfully. The rear end of the ant that hangs off his butt opens up into four panels and the rocket booster inside enables him to fly. There is no spinning gimmick as on the original figure, but Hasbro seems to have developed a severe aversion to actually including spring-powered gimmicks of any kind in their figures, so that was to be expected. The butt rocket is present, though, so all is well.

Well, not quite. There is one complaint I must bring to your attention, namely Inferno’s weapon. The original figure had a missile launcher that was stored in the ant head / chest plate, which didn’t really look like the flame throwers Inferno used in the TV series at all. Legacy Inferno sadly does not do much better here, as his weapon is his butt rocket, basically. He removes the rocket booster from his butt and uses it as a gun. It doesn’t look bad, mind you, but again: nothing at all like the guns he used in the TV series. There are already several upgrade sets out to remedy that, but why not do it right the first time?

Weapon aside, though, this is an amazing figure, faithfully portraying Inferno from Beast Wars. Nicely done.

Alternate Mode: Naturally Inferno still transforms into a fire ant and here, too, there is marked improvement over the original toy. The ant actually looks like an ant in terms of proportions and all six legs are more or less the same size (and articulated, too). Everything folds together pretty nicely and there are no visible robot bits, either. The mandibles of the ant can open and close, too.

To be honest I was quite miffed originally that the big gun could not be hidden inside the ant’s behind in beast mode (that’s where the robot legs go), but for some reason I really like the look of the ant with the big gun on top. This is like something a cartoon villain would come up with, equipping an army of ants with laser guns to take over the world. UNLEASH THE ARMY ANTS!!! Sometimes I think strange thoughts!

Where was I? Oh yeah, the ant. Again, it looks pretty good and the fact that the weapon cannot be stored inside is but a small irritant. So thumbs up for the beast mode.

Remarks: I would call Inferno one of the breakout characters of Beast Wars, but honestly: most of the cast deserves that name, too. Inferno appeared in the second half of season 1 and stayed with the Predacons until the season finale, where he was destroyed by a stray shot from the Nemesis. His loyalty to Megatron, his queen, never wavered, not even when Waspinator gave his epic speech about quitting the Predacons.

As mentioned before, the original Inferno toy was already pretty cool, but the Legacy one improves upon it in several was. There is still room for improvement, mostly concerning the weapons, but that does not change the fact that every Beast Wars nut should really own this figure here. FOR THE GLORY OF THE ROYALTY!

Rating: B+
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