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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Predator
Year: 1992

Don't get me mad.... when I get mad I get even.
Incredibly strong and vicious. Mows down all in his path as a terrifying wall of attack in battle. Low intelligence combined with brute force and a vile temper -- a dangerous enemy. As plane, plummets down to wipe out targets pinpointed with heightened vision of Megavisor system. As robot attacks mercilessly with hand-held missile launcher.

Robot Mode: Talon is a pretty standard jet-type Transformer, meaning the nose of the jet flips down to form the center of his chest and the rear of the plane becomes his legs. Unfortunately Talon is even less posable than some of the other G1 jet Transformers. He can turn his arms at the shoulders, that's it. Detailing is okay for a figure that size, I like his head, but doesn't really change the fact that Talon is a boring robot. As a weapon he carries the standard Predator missile launcher with the green missiles that can also be clipped onto his wings. All in all a below-average robot, even for that time.

Alternate Mode: What can I say about Talon's jet mode? Well, you can tell it's a jet, but you'd never confuse it with a real one. It's boxy and I've seen Matchbox jets with better detaling. You can fasten his missile launcher underneath and the jet has a functioning landing gear, but those are pretty much the only positive points about it. So if you're looking for a good jet mode, there are lots of Transformers who do it better than Talon, even if you're just looking in G1.

Remarks: Talon is part of the so-called Generation 1.5, meaning those final two years of G1 Transformer toys that were exclusive to Europe. I found him at a flea market right here in my home town of Dieburg. Which is pretty much the only reason I bought him, really, seeing as I haven't found any Transformers on the flea market in a long time. So Talon joins my collection alongside fellow Predator Falcon, but unless you can get him for a buck at the flea market, I wouldn't exactly recommend him.

Rating: D+
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