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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Real Gear
Year: 2007

As dangerous as he is slick looking, Power Up VT6 is a master of manipulation. Able to connect to any data source within range, he specializes in deleting important information. Few Decepticons are as frustrating to have around. Be careful when interacting with him; special receptors in his screen can scramble your brain right through your eyeballs.

Robot Mode: Despite being a very boxy figure, Power Up still manages to display quite a bit of posability in robot mode. Sure, he can't be anything but stocky, but he still looks pretty good and his basic figure design is somewhat reminiscent of Soundwave, which can never be a bad thing. I kinda wish they'd given him real hands a weapon to hold, but apart from that he's looking pretty spiffy.

Alternate Mode: Power Up transforms into a portable video game console. Not sure whether it resembles any current model, I'm not really up to date there. Its shape reminds me of the old Sega Game Gear, while the colour and bottons are reminiscient of the original Game Boy. Anyway, the alt mode looks pretty realistic, which is what counts. The screen is, of course, just a sticker and it features a bull's eye trying to lock in on Cybertron Jetfire, which is a nice touch seeing as Power Up is a Decepticon. So thumbs up for this alt mode.

Remarks: The only Decepticon Real Gear figure I own so far, Power Up runs a close second to Longview in terms of my favorite Real Gear toy. The robot mode could have used a few more touches such as real hands and maybe some longer limbs, but apart from that I really like him. Once again leaving aside the question of how much sense it makes for an alien robot to transform into something like a video game, Power Up is a really nice figure.

Rating: B+
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