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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Other Villain
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2006

Many Transformers still superstitiously toss a small handful of Energon coins over one shoulder whenever his name is uttered, for the word itself means chaos and destruction. Once an all-powerful eater of entire planets, he was destroyed decades ago by the Autobots. For too long he was trapped in the rusting hulk of his old body. Now, resurrected and redesigned as an unstoppable destroyer tank, he is not yet at full power, but soon all the universe will know him and tremble.

Robot Mode: This smaller version of Unicron retains enough elements from the original Unicron to be recognisable as the character. The detailing is a bit plain in my opinion, but posability is good and the figure offers little to complain about. Unicron's characteristic 'maw' is set in the center of his chest and opens up with a little help from the Cyberkey to unveil a cannon, much like the bigger Unicron's chest cannon in Armada. The pincers can be stored on his legs or used as hand weapons. All in all a decent robot mode, but for some reason I don't much like it. Maybe because it looks downright puny in comparison with the "real" Unicron.

Alternate Mode: Unicron's alternate mode is a tank that looks a bit like one of those old Ferengi Marauder ships from Star Trek Next Generation. Certainly not like any tank you'd see here on Earth, but not bad-looking. It incorporates a lot of elements from Unicron's original planet mode, such as the pincers and the 'maw', which can open up in this mode as well. All in all the tank mode is decent, but it somewhat bugs me that the head simply folds back to act as a radar dish. Looks a bit silly. That's my only complaint, though.

Remarks: This figure isn't a bad figure by half, but in my personal opinion it's not a good Unicron. It simply doesn't work for the character. But if you imagine it as someone or something else (maybe one of an army of drones Unicron uses for small stuff) then you have a good toy. Not too special, but okay.

Rating: C+

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