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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2007

Blazing down to Earth's surface from outer space comes Optimus Prime. His Protoform mode is ideal for covering the vast distances between stars, and armored to survive the catastrophic descent through a planetary atmosphere. When he arrives, however, his first task is to find an appropriate disguise in which to conduct his search for the Allspark. As his scanning beam sweeps over nearby objects, he sees the world in the deep red that tells him his targeting and scanning systems are active. Then, his his gaze settles upon the coolest thing he has ever seen. Yes, this will be his disguise on Earth.

Robot Mode: Robovision Optimus Prime is very similar in look to Leader Class Prime, but he is sleeker, slightly more posable, and closer in scale to the other Movie line figures, which is a plus in my opinion. The detailing on this figure is pretty cool and just about the only slight problem he has is that the front of the truck becomes a big rucksack for him, which can cause him to topple over backwards if the legs aren't positioned right. It's not a major issue, though. Optimus carries two weapons that double as smoke stacks for his truck mode. He can store the guns on his backpack pointing up, swivel them over his shoulders (like Classics Prime) or under his arms (like Cybertron Prime), or take them off and hold them in his hands. All in all a very cool, fun robot mode that offers lots and lots of play value.

Vehicle Mode: Like all Movie Primes Robovision Optimus becomes a long-nosed truck. The truck looks pretty realistic and what I really like is that this is the one Optimus from the entire line that features transparent windows. More, he even has a driver figure sitting in his cab (kinda reminds me of the old Diaclone drivers). Another fun gimmick: If you open the door of the truck, the figure vanishes, flipping back and out of sight, making it look as if the driver stepped out. So all in all a great vehicle mode.

Remarks: It was a really close call between this Optimus Prime and Leader Class Prime to figure out which is the best version of the Movie leader. Robo Vision Prime takes the lead in my opinion, though. He has the better scale, slightly better proportions, and the cooler weapons. Add the transparent truck windows and the driver figure and Robo Vision Prime is just a tiny little bit better than his larger cousin. So if you plan to get just one version of the Autobot Leader from the Movie line, take a crack at Robovision Optimus.

Rating: A
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