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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Real Gear
Year: 2007

Meantime is one of the most powerful of the Real Gear robots. It's just too bad he uses his powers for nothing but trouble. He can speed up, stop and even reverse time up to ten minutes. Rather than using his powers to make chores or homework go by faster, though, he likes to hang out at skate parks, where he speeds time up to cause huge wipe outs, then reverse it so he can watch the accidents again.

Robot Mode: A very lean, tall robot, Meantime gives a good impression in robot mode. There is no doubting what he transforms into, seeing as the face of the watch makes up his entire torso. Detailing is pretty good and posability is awesome, Meantime is practically a contortionist. The only thing that bugs me a tiny little bit are his feet, they look strange when looked at sideways, but that's just a minor thing and the fact that they're so big does wonders for his stability. All in all an excellent robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Meantime becomes a wrist watch and looks pretty good doing it. The watch is a bit too small for an adult to put on, but I imagine it could be fastened around the wrist of a child (I didn't have one handy, sorry). The buttons on the watch can't be pushed and the display is static, but otherwise a very realistic-looking alt mode with lots of detailing. Good overall.

Remarks: Back in the 80s I had one of those digital wrist watches where the actual watch could be taken off the wrist band and then unfolded tiny little arms and legs, plus an even tinier robot head. It was a working wrist watch and also a Transformers, sort of. I really liked that thing. Meantime isn't a working watch, but he's a much better Transformer, as the wrist band becomes his arms and legs, giving him a lot more mass to work with and far better proportions. Meantime is definitely one of the better robots from the Real Gear line and while I wouldn't call him the best, he's still recommended.

Rating: B+
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