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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Fast Action Battler
Year: 2007

Robot Mode: It was pretty evident that Frenzy would be the Movie Transformer who's robot mode would be the hardest to translate into a toy, at least if you wanted him capable of actually transforming. The Fast Action Battler robot does the best job it probably can, producing a figure that is recognisable as Frenzy, though there are, of course, some major differences when compared to the actual movie character. The toy Frenzy sports a big backpack and doesn't look nearly as nimble as the movie Frenzy. Despite his bulk, though, Frenzy's posability is okay, if not particularly good, and he features both the double arms and the ability to shoot discs (or rather 'a' disc) from his torso. So all in all a decent robot mode doing its best to fulfill a near-impossible job.

Alternate Mode: Frenzy sported different alternate modes throughout the Movie. The Fast Action Battler adopts the one we first saw him in, a big boom box. In this mode Frenzy looks pretty realistic and while the boom box is obviously a toy and can't really be mistaken for the real thing, it does offer a decent amount of detailing. The frequency for the radio is FRENZY 97.7, there are two Decepticon logos at the front, and Frenzy can shoot his disc in this mode as well. So bottom line, a very decent alternate mode.

Remarks: Frenzy was the 'fun' bad guy in the Movie, always speeding around like a chipmunk on crack, trying to find the necessary information for his fellow Decepticons. With his highly articulate robot mode and multiple alternate modes, it was pretty clear that making a toy out of him wouldn't be easy. The Robot Replica version gave us a decent robot Frenzy, but with no alternate mode. This version here gives us a good showing of one of Frenzy's alternate modes, combined with a robot mode that does its job, but has some weak points. So while we're still waiting for the perfect Movie Frenzy, this FAB version here is the closest we've come to it yet.

Rating: C+
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