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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Basic
Year: 1997

Despite his long body length and the giant pincher claws he drags behind him, Powerpinch is surprisingly fast; six speedy legs power him forward over almost any obstacle. His greatest assets are the powerful pincher claws that are strong enough to sever most enemies in half. And as all Maximals know, those pincher claws are as dangerous in insect for as they are when he converts to robot mode, which is why they never underestimate the ferocity of this truly evil insect.

Robot Mode: Powerpinch is from the second year of Beast Wars and rather similar in design to many of the first year basic figures, meaning well-designed and very posable. If he has one weakness it's that his dark green, almost black colouring pretty much obscoures what little detailling he has on his body. He uses the pincer claw from his beast mode as a hand weapon. All in all a solid Beast Wars figure with no surprises.

Alternate Mode: Powerpinch transforms into an ear wig (as a kid we used to call them 'ear-pinchers'). Not much to do here, the pincers can be opened and closed and there is minimum movement in the legs, but that's it. Once again the dark colouring works against him a little, but still a decent beast mode.

Remarks: Powerpinch was a no-show character and didn't get more than a cameo in the Beast Wars comic series. He is a solid toy, but offers nothing spectacular or surprising to the Transformers fan, so I can recommend him only to the Beast Wars fanatics.

Rating: C+
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