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Series: Universe
Subline: Robot Heroes - G1 Series
Year: 2008

Description: Once again a rather strange match-up with Autobot Sunstreaker squaring off against Decepticon Galvatron. Sunstreaker was a mainstay in the early episodes of the G1 cartoon but disappeared after a final cameo appearance in the Transformers 1986 Movie. Galvatron first appeared later in that Movie and, to my knowledge, never interacted with Sunstreaker.

Strange pairings aside, both figures look pretty good. Sunstreaker is in a battle-ready pose that underscores his warrior character (though his smile could be a touch more sociopathic) while Galvatron has that semi-insane smile on his face and is posed with his gun ready to blast a planet apart or something. No complaints about either character, cute little Robot Heroes.

Rating: B+
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