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Series: Universe 2.0
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Legends
Year: 2008

Robot Mode: Legends Prowl is a nicely made miniature version of Animated Deluxe Prowl. Detailing is, of course, less than it was on the bigger version, but that is to be expected. Posability is very nice, though some poses require some reconfiguration of the legs where you push the shin-wheels further out or in. The throwing-star hubcaps are not included, but again, that was to be expected. Not a whole lot more I can say here. A straight-up, nicely done mini-Prowl.

Alternate Mode: Considering the contortings that Deluxe Prowl goes through to end up a bike and the much smaller size of this Legend figure, it's amazing how good Prowl looks in vehicle mode. Okay, it's hard not to notice that his robot-arms are what forms the seat and rear of the bike, but the rest is very well put together. There is no trace to be seen of the legs or any other robot parts. So thumbs up, one of the better Legends-class vehicle modes I've seen.

Remarks: I know I'm repeating myself, but why are the Legends-class versions of the Animated characters part of the Universe line-up again? Still haven't found an answer to that, unfortunately. Leaving that question aside, Legends Prowl does a pretty good job as a miniature version of everyone's favourite Animated ninja. Personally I'm not that big a fan of the Legends-class figures (I mostly bought him because I was so happy to finally see new Transformers in a German toy store) and prefer the Deluxe version, but he's a nice little guy. Recommended to Prowl and Legends-figure fans.

Rating: B
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