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Series: Generation 1
Categories: Merchandise
Year: 2007

Remarks: To get two things out of the way right at the start: No, this tooth brush does not transform into a robot. And no, it is not an electric tooth brush, you still have to brush manually. There are electronics inside, but only for the music, not for any sort of dental hygene purposes. Okay, with that established, let's take a look at the Transformers Tooth Tunes tooth brush.

First off, I had a hard time deciding where to put this. It's come out as part of the Movie craze, of course, so I thought 'Movie line'. But it has a picture of G1 Optimus Prime on front, so I thought 'G1 line'. And when I tried it out, I realized that the music it's playing is the Cybertron theme song. In the end I decided to leave it with G1, seeing as G1 Ops features most prominently here, but that's pretty debatable.

The Tooth Tunes is meant to inspire kids to take better care of their teeth. How does it go about that? If you press the brush against your teeth, it plays music. The Cybertron theme song, like I already said. The idea is, of course, that the kids will brush longer to keep hearing the music. Personally I am not sure that's gonna work. First, because sooner or later even the most Transformers-crazed kid is going to grow tired of the theme song, and second, because in order to hear the music you just need to press the brush against your teeth, not actually brush them. As a matter of fact you hear the music better of you don't brush, as the brushing noise almost drowns out the music.

My wife and I actually saw a commercial for the Tooth Tunes once (not the Transformers edition, but another version) and I made a remark along the lines of 'how stupid is this'? She gave me a funny look. A few weeks later I knew why, because she had acquirted the Transformers Tooth Tunes as a little extra for Christmas for me. I felt a bit stupid myself then, of course. All in all I have to admit the Tooth Tunes tooth brush is pretty fun. Still, I very much doubt that it's gonna do much to improve the dental hygene of kids.

Rating: not rated ('cause I really have no idea what to put here)

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