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Series: Revenge of the Fallen N.E.S.T. Global Alliance
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2010


Ratchet doesn't know why Lockdown is after him. He just knows that the Decepticon bounty hunter will stop at nothing until his Autobot prey is in chains. Ratchet isn't configured for heavy combat, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a few tricks up his manifold. Lockdown may catch him eventually, but Ratchet isn't going down without a fight.

Review by Limewire:
Alternate Mode: (Sadly LimeWire's description of the alternate mode got lost in a database update, sorry)

Robot Mode: This mode, on the other hand, is genius. Very posable, so poses from both the movies and Swan Lake may be duplicated without problem. A slight bother is his "skirt" at the upper legs. Not a big thing, but it does hinder the posing a bit here and there.

Somewhat more bothersome is his weapon, or rather the way it's mounted. It's plugged into a Mech-Alive device on his right upper arm and is to be fixed in place by a small hook - in theory. In practice this means that the weapon tends to go flying at the slightest touch, and flying high at that. Which means, for me at least, that I will do a little doctoring here and remove the spring in his arm.

Finally there is the lack of an elbow joint allowing him to twist his arm sideways. This means that Ratchet can only do "Gangsta"-style poses with his gun when the elbow is bent. Very realistic, especially considering how very much NOT warlike Ratchet is. So all in all a mixed blessing here.

Transformation: Very complicated. The chest is turned 180 degrees. This causes quite a bit of frustration due to the skirt on his upper legs. You never know whether or not you've done it right. The shoulder panels, on the other hand, are a knock-out.

Conclusion: A cool figure, but it's really too small. Especially considering that his counterpart Lockdown aspires to Voyager size in robot mode, which makes Ratchet a midget by comparison. His weapon doesn't look good on Lockdown, either, and why Lockdown is after Ratchet? No one knows. I think Ratchet is only appealing to completists and customizers, seeing as you can presumably create a few other characters using this figure.

Rating: B-


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