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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Legends
Year: 2007

Robot Mode: Despite significant differences in design, Legends Blackout looks a lot like his larger cousin Voyager Blackout, so there is no problem identifying him for who he is. He is smaller, of course, and offers a lot less in the way of details, but that is only to be expected. Posability for this figure is decent. He can move his arms freely at the shoulders and his legs at the hips. His knees only bend sideways, unfortunately, but otherwise no complaints. For a figure this size he's a pretty decent robot.

Alternate Mode: Whereas the robot mode did have some differences to the larger robot, Legends Blackout is a spitting image for Voyager Blackout when in vehicle mode. There are a few less details, of course, and the tail is a bit shorter (proportionally speaking), but apart from that, no complaints. A very nice-looking miniature helicopter.

Remarks: I'm not sure why I keep buying Legends figures. I'm not a big fan of the Legends class, as you might have noticed. Still, I bought Blackout mostly out of frustration because there was nothing else on the shelves. Not the best reason to buy him, certainly. As a figure he isn't bad, certainly his transformation is a lot easier than that of his larger cousin, but all in all, he's simply a smaller, simplified version of a pretty good 'real' Transformer.

Rating: C+
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