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Series: Beast Wars II
Categories: Mini-Figures
Year: 1998

Prelude: Though most people outside Japan never even heard of Beast Wars Second until years later, it was a pretty big thing in its market. There were the toys, the cartoon, a stage show, an arcade game, a board game, and several pieces of merchandise, too. Case in point, the Beast Wars II Mini-Figure Collection, 10 tiny blue figures in a single box. Here is where we take a look at them. Let’s say go!

Figures: This collection consists of ten clear-blue super-deformed PVC figures, showcasing eight different Beast Wars II characters. Only eight instead of ten, because the two leaders, Lio Convoy and Galvatron are shown in robot and beast mode each. The other six, Big Horn, Scuba, Starscream, Tasmania Kid, Megastorm, and Apache, are only shown in robot mode. All ten figures are recognizable as the character they are supposed to portray, though they are clearly modelled after the animation models, not the toys.

And… yeah, that’s pretty much it. Fun little figures, but nothing more than that.

Remarks: This set, alternatively called “Beast Collection Special 10” or “10 Mini-Figure Collection”, was available in Japan in 1998. It was also marked as the “Clear Version Special Set”, but if a set with non-clear versions of these figures was ever released, no one has seen it (or at least no one who talked about it online).

I found this set at a convention many years back for a bargain price and even though I do not usually collect PVC figures or non-transforming Transformers in general, these guys, much like the Universe Robot Heroes, just tickled my fancies. Some people might know that I am a huge Beast Wars fan, so I just had to get these guys. At the end of the day, though, they are really just ten tiny little statues. So if you are not a Beast Wars fan or entirely uninterested in Japanese Beast Wars characters, then you can probably give this box a pass.

Rating: C+


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