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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2009

Chromia is tough as nails, and always spoiling for a fight. She's been friends with Ironhide for centuries, and their reunion on Earth was one of the high points of the war for both of them. Now, they work side-by-side, hunting and destroying Decepticons. Neither of them has ever been happier. The two robots make great partners, and she, along with her sisters, is an invaluable part of the team.

Review by Ironhide77

Prelude: Maybe you know this kind of situation: You go to Toys R'Us, filled with enthusiasm, only to end up in front of a shelf with absolutely nothing new on it. Frustrated and unwilling to have come all this way for nothing you end up grabbing something you normally wouldn't have bought. Chromia was such a case for me.

Vehicle Mode: Chromia transforms into a blue motorcycle. Now I'm not a motorcycle expert, so I have no idea what kind of model she's supposed to be and how close she mirrors her real-world counterpart. The motorcycle itself isn't bad, but it doesn't really work for me, either. The front portion is a bit too wide for my taste. I do like the Cybertronian glyph, but that's pretty much it. Like I said, not bad, but nothing special, either.

Robot Mode: I was very much looking forward to having Arcee in the movie, but what she ended up as is a complete and utter waste. I'm not sure why this toy is called Chromia, while Arcee was portrayed as some kind of split personality in the movie (which I found pretty stupid, btw).

Chromia's robot mode is a failure, plain and simple. No matter what side you look at, nothing's looks similar. Not only is she missing her legs, no, her stunted right arm carries half of the bike's engine, while the left arm is much too big and consists of the entire seat and exhaust component of the bike. The torso, if one can call it that, is barely more than a stick figure. And the worst part? Nothing about this figure is even remotely female.

Conclusion: It's a shame what became of Arcee/Chromia. Why didn't they use her design from the first movie? That was a pretty cool figure and easily recognisable as female. This toy here, though, is crap, I'm sorry to say. A 5-year-old could have designed it better. I'm still angry that I spent twenty Euros on this piece of junk. So unless you're the kind of guy who blindly buys everything with a Transformers logo on it, I recommend giving this figure here a wide berth. Nothing more I can say about this junk-pile.

Rating: F


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