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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Basic / Basic Transmetal
Year: 1997 / 1998

From the deepest, coldest depths of the sea, Claw Jaw emerges to attack Predacon enemies that stray too close to his underwater lair. By wrapping his eight powerful arms around them in a constrictive vice grip, Claw Jaw drains his victim's powers by extracting Energon from their bodies through his suction-cup arms. The four razor-sharp fangs surrounding this cyber squid's mouth make him a potent warrior, as does his robotic metal-slashing claw weapon.

Robot Mode: Claw Jaw has a very interesting-looking robot mode, no doubt about that. There is little doubt what he transforms into. Both his arms are very long squid-tentacles. Overall he is very lean, very posable, and the wing-like tentacles on his shoulders make him look pretty cool. The squid-teeth on his chest can snap out and extend a bit. The only slight disappointment in this mode is that he only has a very tiny claw as a hand weapon, nothing else. Apart from that, though, not bad. Claw Jaw was re-issued as a 'Transmetal', really just a repaint, which is black and green instead of orange and light pink. Both paint jobs aren't bad, it's really a matter of taste which one you get.

Beast Mode: In this mode, Claw Jaw is all looks. He looks like a squid, but as far as play value goes there is pretty much nil. Of the eight tentacles six are completely immobile and the remaining two (the arms of the robot mode) are somewhat limited because you need them to keep the thing from toppling over. There are two additional limbs on the mouth, where the teeth can snap out just like in robot mode. All in all, an average beast mode at best.

Remarks: Claw Jaw never scored an appearance in the Beast Wars TV series, but did feature rather prominently in the Beast Wars II Cartoon in Japan under the name Scuba. As a toy he is interesting in robot mode, but the beast mode pretty much sucks. The 'Transmetal' repaint gives him a new look, but no improvements design-wise. So if you want to get a Claw Jaw for your collection, something which I can't really recommend all that strongly, it doesn't really matter which one you get.

Rating (Clawjaw): C-
Rating (TM Clawjaw): C-
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