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Series: Universe
Subline: Robot Heroes - Beast Wars Series
Year: 2008

Description: Megatron and Rattrap squared off more than once during the Beast Wars series, though usually Rattrap did more running, hiding and evading than actual fighting against the much bigger and stronger Predacon. Still, pairing these two is sort of okay, though Optimus Primal/Megatron and Rattrap/Tarantulas would have made more sense. Whatever, though, these two are what we've got.

Megatron looks pretty close to the tyrant we saw in the first season of Beast Wars and is actually more detailed than the original Beast Wars Megatron toy in some ways. So thumbs up for Megs. As for Rattrap, look-wise he's pretty cool. I especially like the head with the tooth showing. Rattrap does have one huge problem, though: He topples over. His feet pretty small and I've yet to manage to keep him standing for any length of time. So some points deduction for that, but otherwise a pretty good set.

Rating: B-
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