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Series: Universe
Subline: Robot Heroes - G1 Series
Year: 2009

Description: I don't remember if Blaster and Thrust ever actually squared off in the G1 cartoon series, but both were present for seasons 2 and 3, so it's definitely possible. Anyway, Blaster looks very close to his cartoon counterpart, no complaints an that front, and comes with a cheery grin and slightly-open tape deck on his chest. Only his pose is a bit odd, seeing as he squats nearly on the floor and is prone to toppling forward unless you use his right hand as an additional stabilizer. So he looks good, but another pose would have made him better.

Thrust is the first conehead Seeker among the Robot Heroes and though he does share some body parts with the previous Robot Heroes Seekers, most of him is a new mold. He has his trademark VTOL wings, the conehead, and a very nice overall look. I'm not a big fan of the conehead seekers, but Thrust looks just fine, so no complaints here. Overall a nice Robot Heroes package, but not my favourite one.

Rating: B
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