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Series: Universe 2.0
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe Store Exclusive
Year: 2008

The only thing Decepticon Drag Strip hates more than the Autobots is coming in second. He hates losing so much, he'll do anything to avoid it. Cheating is always his first resort, followed quickly by outright violence against his competition. The other Decepticons wouldn't be at all sad to see him scrapped, since he's almost as much of a pain for them to deal with as he is for the enemy.

Remarks: First thing, many thanks to fellow TF-Fan BlackZarak, who loaned me his Drag Strip for this review. Second, this figure is a straight-up repaint of Classics Mirage, so I'll only do a few short remarks on the differences. Drag Strip is every bit the tall, spindly and extremely posable robot that Mirage was, just with a paint job that pays homage to G1 Drag Strip (the cartoon version more than the toy). He's mostly yellow with some black, purple and red highlights, very nice. In car mode the yellow is dominant as well and the suspension of the front wheels looks like chromed steel. So overall I like Drag Strip's paint job a lot more than Mirage's, even though they're the same figure in every other regard. Drag Strip was part of a special edition of Universe toys, available in black boxes and originally sold in Asia and Australia only, before becoming available in Hasbro's online toy shop as well. Bottom line: a very nice figure with a great paint job. Not sure I'd dish out the extra cash these things usually go for, but if I ever see him for a bargain, he's gonna be mine.

Rating: B+
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