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Series: Generations
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2010

As security director for the Autobots, Red Alert tries to keep his eye on everyone and everything. All the time. He installs hidden cameras and security sensors everywhere, and keeps detailed records of the known movements of enemies and allies alike. Nothing escapes his attention, and - to him - everything is significant. His paranoia keeps him constantly on edge, but it's paid off more than once by stopping Decepticon plots before they did any damage.

Remarks: After SunstreakerSideswipeBreakdown, and Punch/Counterpunch, this is my fifth version of this mold, so there really isn’t much I can write here that I haven’t written before. The figure was repainted with a white and red paintjob to match that of G1 Red Alert, he has the same head as the Sideswipe variant, and the only mold change is that the car now has a light bar on top (I think it’s from the same mold as that of Universe Prowl). That’s pretty much it.

The bottom line hasn’t changed: A great mold and Red Alert’s color scheme fits it very well, too. Now I’ll be the last person to tell you that you really need multiple versions of the same mold (I bought Red Alert only because he was part of a larger package), but if you don’t have any version of this figure yet, you should really get one. And Red Alert is far from the worst of the lot and far from the most expensive, either.

Rating: A-
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