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Series: Botcon Exclusives
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager Convention Exclusive
Year: 2010

It doesn't have to be like this. You always have a choice.
Sir Pyro Ignatius Spark, Pyro to his friends, is the first of the Earth-born Transformers to be recognized as a citizen of a human nation, in his case the United Kingdom. Knighted in 2007 after his new Autobot team rescued the Queen from Clench's Decepticon Syndicate, he doesn't have a cruel or cowardly bolt in his body. He often masks his competence with eccentric behavior and irreverent observations to put his foes off-guard and considers himself "human" in all ways that matter. When not leading the G2 Autobots, he moonlights for the London Fire Brigade as a firefighter and an engine. Forestonite exposure gave Pyro the ability to perceive events a few seconds into the future, granting him preternaturally sharp reflexes. In addition he can focus this power on an object to read events in its recent past.

Remarks: Spark is a repaint of Universe Inferno, so look there for the full review. Just some words on the differences here. Spark here is based on one of the last figures to be released in Europe under the original Transformers banner (G1), Pyro. The figure was later re-released in G2 under the name Spark. This Botcon exclusive figure here references both those names, as the character’s full name is Sir Pyro Ignatius Spark. The figure’s colors were adjusted to mirror the paint job of the original figure, no actual mold changes were made.

Uh, yeah. That’s pretty much it. I like the Universe Inferno mold, as you can see in my original review of the figure, and while I know that some people don’t like Spark’s colors because they’re too flashy or neon, I personally like them. He’s far from the best or most spectacular Botcon figure ever made, granted, but he’s a good, solid toy. Whether he’s worth the hefty price tag of an Exclusive figure is, of course, up to you.

Rating: B
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Update July 2, 2013: Not my idea, granted, but Hot Spot's head looks awesome on the body of Spark:

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