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with Dead End
Series: Energon
Allegiance: Other Villain
Categories: Supreme
Year: 2004


Please be aware that this is not a review, as I have never had this figure in hand. The pictures were provided by my good buddy Flo and I have reviewed other versions of this toy, which are are linked below for reference.

Remarks: Energon Unicron is a straight-up repaint of Armada Unicron, whom I have previously reviewed. No changes to the figure itself and Mini-Con Dead End is also a straight-up repaint. Unicron appeared in these colors about halfway through the Energon cartoon, when he was successfully resurrected by the Decepticons and Terrorcons. Of course he ended up being destroyed once more, ressurected again, and then destroyed again. Energon was not a great cartoon story-wise, by the way, but the toys were pretty good. There have been several more repaints of this figure since then. I wonder whether we will ever see the HasLab Unicron sporting these colors.


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Picture Copyright: Flo

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