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Series: Generations
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe Store Exclusive
Year: 2011

Cybertron is a floating hunk of screap, centuries of war have devastated the world and sent millions of Autobot and Decepticon soldiers to the junkyard. The evil Megatron and his Decepticons use the shell of a planet to plot their assaults against the Autobots. Their latest weapon? Dark Energon! Megatron surges with its unbridled, vicious power, ready to conquer the universe. But Optimus Prime and his Autobots will not go down without a fight - they're fueled by the same righteous and pure Energon that powered the Golden Age of Cybertron!

Prelude: I could hardly believe it, but it’s true. I have never reviewed this mold before. The original Generations Megatron was reviewed by my buddy Caked-Up (before he went evil and abandoned text reviews for the malignant simplicity of video reviews), while Darkside Megatron was reviewed by Laserwave13. So yeah, I never did review this mold. Well, it’s never too late.

Robot Mode: Generations Megatron is one of the most impressive Megatron figures in a good long while. Tall for a Deluxe figure, he exudes power and malice just by standing there with his huge gun on his arm. He is very nicely detailed and the more intricate paint job he has gotten for this repaint here brings them out quite a bit better than the slightly grey-ish white of the original Generations Megatron. While the paint job as a whole is slightly reminiscent of Galvatron, it’s still quite clearly Megatron standing there, ready to blow you away with his fusion cannon.

The figure’s articulation is very well done and his big feet give him a stable platform to stand on even in dynamic poses. I also very much like the design of his hands, not the standard fist-with-a-hole, but rather an open hand that can easily pull off “come here” gestures. Also very nice: the design of his helmet and face, which easily displays his brutal arrogance. His giant fusion cannon can fire a single projectile and can also be removed from his arm.

Bottom line: one of the best Megatron robot modes in a good long while and possibly the best ever in the Deluxe class.

Alternate Mode: Megatron transforms into a Cybertronian tank. Now given that his robot mode shows almost zero parts that are recognizable as belonging to a vehicle (the tank treads that form his forearms are pretty much it) Megatron does a remarkable job of folding together into a ... well, it’s really just a flat rectangle with tank treads and a gun on top, but really, that’s what most tanks look like. It’s clearly not an Earth design, but it looks pretty good. The tank treads can also fold underneath the tank for a ‘hover mode’, something the figure used in the War for Cybetron video game as well. So all in all a very nice vehicle mode for Megatron. Not the most intricate or spectacular alternate mode ever, but quite nice.

Remarks: The figures based on the War for Cybertron video game proved to be popular enough to warrant a set of repaints named “Rage over Cybertron” which included Megatron here, as well as repaints of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Not sure why Soundwave was excluded, but there you go. Anyway, I personally like the slightly Galvatron-y paint job on this figure here a lot better than that of the original Generations Megs, but that’s of course entirely subjective. The bottom line is: this is still a great figure and if you missed out on the original and don’t want to dish out the money for the Darkside Megatron import figure, this one here is at least as good a choice as any of the other.

Rating: A-
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