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Series: War for Cybertron: Siege
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Weaponizer
Year: 2019

Prelude: Sixgun is the original Weaponizer, just so you know. The very first Transformers robot assembled from several different weapons. That’s pretty much his entire claim to fame, of course. He’s the guy assembled from G1 Metroplex’ weapons, that’s it. Much like with Cog, no one ever figured we’d see him return, except maybe as some third party add-on for the Titan-class robots. But return he did in War for Cybertron Siege. Let’s see what he’s made of (except weapons, I mean).

Robot Mode: In robot mode Sixgun greatly resembles his look in his sole in-media appearance (see below), rather than the look of the G1 figure. It starts with having actual arms and hands instead of just gun barrels. The resemblance is pretty good and despite being mostly white and red, Sixgun shows a fair amount of detailing, too. Despite being assembled from guns, Sixgun is a very nicely articulated figure, capable of pulling of all sorts of poses easily. His big feet give him a stable stance, so no problems there, either.

In terms of weapons Sixgun is pretty much his own arsenal, really, but if you do want to give him handguns on top of it, you can remove the front portions of either the arm guns or the guns on his back and put them in his hands. Like all Siege figures Sixgun, too, has lots of ports to put on additional weapons (such as a disassembled Cog, for example). Sixgun does wear some of the dreaded battle damage, too, but thankfully just on his feet. Barely noticeable.

So bottom line for the robot mode: very nice. A good-looking robot, very nicely articulated, and showcasing a character we haven’t seen in ages. No complaints except maybe that the leg joints could be a tad tighter.

Alternate Mode: Sixgun’s main alternate mode is a kind of hovercraft glider thing. Seeing as G1 Sixgun didn’t have anything resembling an alternate mode, the designers were pretty free here and ended up with something that looks... okay, let’s leave it at that. It’s certainly not the most streamlined or wholesome flying vehicle ever, but you can recognize it for what it’s supposed to be and the glider is big enough to have Deluxe-class figures standing on top of it, which looks pretty nice.

The actual point of Sixgun is, of course, that he can disassemble into a number of weapons and accessories. Chief among them the red rifles that Metroplex used to carry, which are formed from Sixguns’ legs, as well as the black-and-white guns that form his arms. The tips of each rifle are separate pieces that can be swapped or used individually. His torso becomes a white shield of sorts and his back is a blocky four-barreled blaster of some sort. Now technically Sixgun doesn’t actually become six guns, but there are so many possible variations here that you can easily assemble six different guns if you must.

Side note: it should be obvious, seeing as Sixgun is only a Deluxe-class figure, but none of the guns he falls apart into are of proper scale to be used by Thrilling 30 Metroplex. His biggest components, the red leg guns, are barely big enough for G1 Metroplex. Sixgun’s guns are meant for normal-sized figures.

As mentioned above there are quite a few possible variations for the weapons Sixgun becomes. See the pictures above for just a few possibilities. Something I do want to mention is the possibility of using his torso modules as a kind of huge glove to put on a Deluxe-class figure. A very nice idea. Apart from that, though, use your imagination. Sixgun in weapon mode offers tons of variations and lots of play value. Have fun!

Remarks: Sixgun has but a single in-media appearance to his name (not counting the times he was present in the form of Metroplex’ weapons), namely in the third-season episode “Thief in the Night”. He served as main inquisitor for the Dinobots, as they were under suspicion of having made off with Fort Knox. The most amusing part of it was Sky Lynx taking offence at being called a Dinobot, too. Sixgun never appeared anywhere else afterwards, though several third party versions of him were made once Thrilling 30 Metroplex came out.

For some reason I can’t quite put my fingers on I had a really hard time writing this review. Not really sure why. Sixgun is a good figure, I love the Weaponizer concept, and while I’m not as excited about him as I was about Cog, he’s a very nice addition to the Siege line. Still, I had a lot of trouble actually putting these words on paper (electronically speaking). Bottom line: another good Weaponizer figure. I prefer Cog, both in terms of look and weapons, but Sixgun is still worth a look for anyone who likes the concept or enjoys a figure that is not part of the same 20 characters we get in every toy line.

Rating: B

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