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with Nightstick

Series: Henkei! Henkei!
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Deluxe Targetmaster
Year: 2009

Constructed from the cast-off chassis of deactivated Decepticon warriors, Cyclonus was programmed by Unicron to be loyal only to Galvatron. Powered by nuclear engines, and a small fragment of his creator's supernatural power, Cyclonus wields enough might to sterilize the surface of an inhabited world by himself. He never unleashes this power without his commander's leave, however, and he focuses all of his energy on ensuring that Galvatron is obeyed without question by those under his command.
(Profile taken from Universe Cyclonus)

Prelude: Cyclonus here is, at this moment in time, the only figure from Henkei! Henkei!, the Japanese version of the Classics/Universe line, that I own. I'm not a big fan of the Japanese habit of adorning every figure with random chrome parts or the higher price usually associated with importing figures from the Far East. Still, in Cyclonus' case I accepted both, because this version of the figure just looks a hell of a lot better in my opinion than the US-version. But let's get the review started.

Robot Mode: Let's say it like it is: Cyclonus here is a dead ringer for the character we saw in the G1 cartoon series. Simply put: He looks great. Sleek, dangerous, and grim. I've heard from a few people that the pale pink colour isn't their cup of tea, but me, I like it a lot. It's faithful to the cartoon and purple is the traditional Decepticon colour. It could maybe be a tad darker, but apart from that: Great. And much better, in my opinion, than the very dark purple of the US-version. But that's a subjective view, of course.

In terms of posability Cyclonus is no slouch, either. He can move just about every which way, do all sorts of dramatic poses, and isn't limited at all. His feet, while relatively small, still offer a stable platform so he doesn't overbalance even when he's pointing his huge weapon straight ahead.

Being a Japanese figure, he has chrome parts, of course. Can't have a Japanese figure without the chrome. In his case it's the wings on his back and the barrels of his gun. While I'm not a big fan of chrome parts, they fit in well here and don't take anything away from the figure. Nicely done.

What else can I say? Weapon-wise Cyclonus carries Nightstick, a Nebulon Targetmaster that transforms into a big, powerful-looking weapon. Back in the days of G1 most Targetmaster-guns looked unwieldy and out-of-proportion to their respective handlers. Not so here. Nightstick still makes for a very big gun, but it looks great in Cyclonus' hand. His right hand, to be exact. For some reason Cyclonus only has a fist-hole in his right hand, so he can't wield his weapon left-handed. Not sure why, but it's not a problem, either. When deprived of Nightstick, Cyclonus can also flip in his fists and replace them with the thrusters of his jet mode for an alternate weapon.

So all in all one of the best G1-based robot modes I've ever seen. Great work.

Alternate Mode: Just like in G1 days Cyclonus transforms into a Science-Fiction-style space jet with forward-swept wings and a needle nose. The whole jet isn't quite as smooth and stylish as the original was, but that's mostly because the resulting robot is actually three-dimensional here. Anyway, the jet might look a little less aerodynamic, but it's still quite sleek and dangerous-looking.

Just like with the original Cyclonus can mount Nightstick on top for added weaponry and features a fully functional landing gear as well. The rear portion of the jet looks a bit more unstable than it actually is, all the parts fit together well. Hm, not sure what else I can say. A nice, good-looking jet mode. No complaints.

Add-Ons / Partners: As a Targetmaster Cyclonus is paired up with the Nebulon Nightstick, who transforms into Cyclonus' weapon. The Targetmaster gimmick first appeared in 1987 and the figures back then, while transforming into more or less decent guns, were statues. All of them. Couldn't move anything. This new version of Nightstick, though, is actually posable. He can move both his legs separate from each other and move his arms at shoulders and elbows. That certainly doesn't make him the posable Transformer ever, but he's certainly the most posable 'Master'-style figure ever. And he transforms into a really nice, shiny gun, too.

Remarks: Cyclonus was one of the main bad guys in the third season of the G1 cartoon series, serving as lieutenant to Galvatron and generally being among the most competent of Decepticons. In the three-part "Rebirth" episode he was turned into a Targetmaster, teaming up with the Nebulon Nightstick. The Japanese Headmaster cartoon later reduced him to comic relief, but he still played a big role in that series. And finally he also played a big role in the Marvel UK Transformers comics, where his time-displaced death at the hands of Megatron nearly caused the destruction of the universe and Shockwave used him as a wall ornament.

As a toy Cyclonus is great. Not sure how else I can put. I've had a lot of fun posing him, transforming him, and taking pictures. It's hard to define what exactly is so good about him, but he offers tons of play value for the old-school G1 fan in me. Cyclonus is a clear and definite recommendation.

Rating: A
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