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Series: Robot Masters
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Lasercycle
Year: 2004

Why do I meddle with you, you ask? It's because I enjoy it.
Despite a quiet exterior, deep within his heart lurk sinister thoughts. Housed within him is the communication system "Shadow and Bright," which is made useful in negotiations. His weapon, the Shaftbreaker, has such power that being cast in its mysterious light causes the opponent's nerve systems to be entirely severed.

Robot Mode: Double Face is a clear homage to Armada Sideways, both in robot and in vehicle mode. The same colouring, the same-shaped head (at least when Sideways isn't wearing a Headmaster), the same kind of weapon. Of course the head and weapon came first on this mold, seeing as the original of this figure was part of G2, but more on that further down.

Double Face is a very good-looking, posable robot. He's a small guy, sure, but for a small guy he offers a lot. Apart from his good looks and nice colouring he also features a pretty good gimmick. The weapon on his forearm is connected via a cable to his body and it lights up. Nifty, eh? Anyway, Double Face is as good a basic-sized robot (though the size-classes didn't really exist yet back in G2 days) as you'll find anywhere, so a definite thumbs up for the robot mode.

Alternate Mode: A motorcycle serves as Double Face's alternate mode and it does the job pretty well. Not sure if it's supposed to be any specific model. The light-up laser rod from his robot mode becomes the side-mounted exhaust stack here and it still lights up in this mode as well. Don't ask me whether the numbers on Double Face's flank have any specific meaning. D is probably for Destron, but apart from that...? Anyway, a very nice vehicle mode. No complaints at all.

Remarks: Double Face is a repaint of the G2 Lasercycle Road Pig from 1995. The mold was recoloured once before for the Robots in Disguise series under the name Axer in 2002. Interestingly enough Axer was available in a two-pack with RID Sideways, with Double Face being a clear homage to Armada Sideways. Finally, RID Sideways (aka G2 Road Rocket from 1995) was recoloured into another Robot Master toy and given his old G2 name Road Rocket. Understood all that? Good, going on then.

The Robot Masters series brought back quite a few figurs from the G2 days and since I'm currently on a G2 trip, I couldn't get past Double Face (and he was on clearance as well). A very nice figure, a nice recolour to make him a homage to an Armada character (who was probably inspired by the original G2 figure at least somewhat), an all-around good package. Not quite good enough for an A rating, but very close. Definite recommendation.

Rating: B+
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