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Series: Classics
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2006

My enemies will be left with nothing but the ashes of their defeat!
Ruthless, cold-blooded, and capable, Starscream makes no secret of the fact that he wants to replace Megatron as leader of the Decepticons. The fastest flyer among the Decepticons ranks and one of the most dangerous warriors ever to grace the skies of Cybertron, he is still something of a coward. He cares too much for his own skin to ever take the risks the overthrow of Megatron would require.

Robot Mode: A spitting image of the Seeker commander as he appeared in the G1 cartoon, Classics Starscream offers no room for complaints in the visual department. They made him look pretty cool. The tip of the cockpit sticking out behind his head is an acquired taste, but no point against him. Design-wise, though, there is one thing that bugs me: His arm guns are too large. It doesn't hurt the look, but if you want to point them forward, you have to fold the wings back a bit. It bugs me because they could easily have avoided that by making the guns so that they don't extend above the shoulders. So points deduction for that, but otherwise a good robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Starscream transforms into the familiar F-14 fighter jet and does a good job here. The top of the plane looks very wholesame, the wings and tail fins are stable, and you can put the guns underneath the wings. Again the guns appear a bit too large here for my taste, but it doesn't hurt him design-wise in jet mode. The only tiny little thing that bugs me here is that he doesn't have a landing gear underneath the cockpit, but rather extends two tiny little wheels from what's his breast portions in robot mode. Also, if you look at the underside of the jet, you see a lot of hollow space. Again, just a tiny thing, but I think it could easily have been better.

Remarks: You can't have a line featuring classic Transformers without bringing in Starscream. If you don't know who he is, what are you doing here? Anyway, as a toy Starscream does great in the looks department, but has some minor design flaws that chaff a bit because I think they could have been avoided with relative ease. So he loses some points there. Still, a good-looking Starscream. Recommended to Screamer-Fans.

Rating: B-
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