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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Deluxe Transmetal
Function: Aerial Attacks
Year: 1998

After the quantum surge, Waspinator became a meched-out, armored wasp with the ability to change into a fighter-jet as well as a bio-genetically-enhanced robot. His personality, however, did not change much; he is still high-tempered, aggressive, and dangerous when angered. Only now Waspinator is faster, armed with a toxic stinger and more driven in his mission to wipe out the Maximals forever!

Robot Mode: Transmetal Waspinator looks like a cross between the original Waspinator and a G1-style Seeker (the jet cockpit making up his chest). The red and black colouring suits him just fine and he is very posable, too. The green translucent wings work fine as well. He does have some bad points, too, though. His weapon is boring, little more than a red stick, and the insect legs jutting out from his sides are always in the way, unable to fold away properly. If they'd put a bit more thought into his engineering he would have been a fine robot instead of being just average.

Beast Mode: Waspinator's beast mode is stil a wasp, surprise, suprise! The wasp looks pretty good, the semi-robotic look is quite cool. All the legs are posable and the wings can be put into any number of positions. No complaints. The wasp can be modified into a jet by folding out the front cockpit and folding back the wings. The result doesn't exactly look like a jet unless you put a lot of imagination into it. Better to leave it in beast mode.

Remarks: Waspinator was maybe the most fun character in the entire Beast Wars TV series, always getting blown apart and complaining about it. Also, the only one to get away in the end. The show never saw him get transmetalized, which was probably a good thing. The Transmetal figure isn't bad, but it isn't as good or as fun as the original. Only recommended to Beast Wars completists.

Rating: C+
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