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Series: Universe
Subline: Robot Heroes - Beast Wars Series
Year: 2009

Description: I haven't gotten an Optimus Primal yet, but already there is a second Megatron from the Beast Wars series. Which isn't a bad thing. I really like Transmetal Megatron and not just because the second season of the Beast Wars cartoon is my absolute favourite. Here we have Megatron as he looked when he blew Optimus Prime's head off and almost succeeded in changing history. He even has the fabled Golden Disk in hand and the detailing on his body is pretty amazing. They even included his flight turbines on his back. So thumbs up for Transmetal Megatron, he looks great.

Silverbolt doesn't disappoint, either. And the pairing of these two characters actually makes sense (at least a bit), as Silverbolt and TM Megatron squared off in front of the Ark. Okay, they didn't so much square off as Megatron shot Silverbolt in the back and then threatened to blow his head off, but you get the point. Silverbolt, the over-the-top heroic character, is depicted very nicely here and even carries his feather-missiles as weapons. A great-looking Maximal and the second half of a pretty perfect Robot Heroes pair. No complaints at all.

Rating: A
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