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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Deluxe Fuzor
Year: 1998

Shadows of mystery cloak this silent and proud warrior. Part wolf, part eagle, Silverbolt possesses all the attributes of a great lone warrior: speed, power, wisdom, intelligence. His uncanny ability to track and then furiously overcome Predacons by himself, only to suddenly disappear into the backdrop, has inspired myths describing a fierce, winged warrior who has come to defeat their evil ranks one by one. Preferring to work alone, Silverbolt is a ferociously intelligent fighter: extremely dexterous, he seems to be everywhere at once, striking with fearsome talons and firing hidden point-missiles from his wing tops to ultimately surface victorious.

Robot Mode: Silverbolt strikes a regal figure in robot mode, his huge wings, loin cloth and clawed feet making him look like a mixture between Roman warrior and beast of myth. As is the Beast Wars standard he is quite posable and his looks are dead accurate when compared to his TV likeness. As weapons he can either fire his feather missiles from his wings or use them as clubs. The only things that slightly drag him down are the wolf feet hanging on his elbows and the huge backback that are his wings and the back of the beast mode. If they'd managed to make those fold away a bit better he would have been perfect. As things stand he's just quite good.

Beast Mode: Silverbolt transforms into a strange hybrid creature, half wolf, half eagle. The head, hindlegs and belly are wolf, the wings, forelegs and back are eagle. The combination looks striking and again, is quite accurate to the TV likeness. Silverbolt can fire his feather missiles in this mode as well. An alltogether good beast mode.

Remarks: Beast Wars had quite a few fun characters and Silverbolt was definitely one of them. A completely over-the-top heroic character, kind of reminding me of DC's Captain Marvel. At one time he first apologized to Cheetor before striking him. Then he asked a downed Cheetor how he felt and, seeing as he was still conscious, apologized again, then hit him once more.

Silverbolt also underwent some interesting twists and turns, first falling for Predacon bad girl Blach Arachnia, even converting her to the Maximals, then being corrupted by Megatron into the evil Jetstorm, then becoming a Maximal once more, but now embittered and brooding.

The toy as such is nothing spectacular, but a very good likeness to the TV character. Except for some minor flaws it has nothing to drag it down. Recommended to all Beast Wars fans.

Rating: B

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