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Series: Alternators
Allegiance: Autobot
Year: 2006

The defense of freedom requires the dedication of the mighty

Robot Mode: Optimus Prime's Alternator version is a nicely-made robot, but I have to say that, among the very fine specimens present in the Alternators line, he disappoints a bit. He's posable, but not as much as others. He is detailed, but again, not as much as others. His gun is tiny and doesn't really fit his character in my opinion. And there is the shoulder thing. Something better should have been done with the shoulders. All in all Optimus is still a very nice figure in robot mode, but definitely not as nice as he could have been.

Vehicle Modes: A very good likeness of a Dodge Ram pick-up truck. Optimus transforms into the kind of nicely sculpted and very detailed vehicle mode we've come to except from the Alternators and he doesn't disappoint here. The pick-up has rubber tires, the doors open, the interior is well detailed, and the rear hatch opens up, too. You can also open the hood and see the engine underneath. So all in all a very, very nice vehicle mode, but we expect nothing less from the Alternators.

Remarks: Often the various versions of Optimus Prime are the highlight of whatever series he's been recreated for, but sadly such is not the case among the Alternators. Prime isn't a bad figure, far from it, but among the brilliant figures this line has to offer he really falls short. For a long time fans considered 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime the unofficial Prime of the Binaltech/Alternators line, and maybe they should have left it at that. Again, not a bad figure, but one of the worse Alternators.

Rating: C+


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