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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Ultra
Year: 1996

Millions of years ago, Tyrannosaurus rex ruled the earth. Today, Megatron plans to do the same! Duplicating dinosaur DNA stolen from human research labs, the evil leader has re-engineered his body structure and equipped it with fearsome high-tech firepower! Poisonous paralyzer fluids blast from his gaping jaws, while his powerful pincher claw can cut an enemy in half! Be afraid, earthlings. Be very, very afraid!

Robot Mode: A very show accurate robot mode, Megatron is a dead ringer for the evil Predacon leader, yes! He sports the same somewhat strange details as his TV incarnation, such as high heels, no real hands, and a dinosaur head on his right wrist. His black chest looks a little featureless, some more details would have been good here. Still, the robot mode is decent and a good stand-in for the TV character.

Beast Mode: A mostly grey Tyrannosaurus Rex with some green scales on his back, Megatron gives a good showing as a big, carnivorous Dinosaur. The Dino doesn't have much in the way of posability, but the looks are good, so few complaints.

Missing Parts: I'm missing two parts that attach to Megatron's head and fold together to form this "mutant head" helmet.

Remarks: Among the Beast Wars Megatrons I do prefer the Transmetal version, but the original one here isn't too bad, either. He does have his problems such as the lack of hands and somewhat plain look in robot mode, but they are minor and don't drag this toy down too much.

Rating: B

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