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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Predator
Year: 1992

Devilishly clever and utterly evil. No-one can devise more daring and dastardly raids. His all-consuming loathing for the Turbomasters may be his downfall. As a plane, farseeing Megavisor capabilities and firepower form a terrifying foe. As a robot attacks with hand-held missile launcher.

Robot Mode: A small and rather unremarkable robot, Falcon doesn't offer much in forms of posability and play value. He does have a kind of generic Decepticon-warrior look, but is a bit too squat for my taste. He carries missiles and a gun in robot mode, but they don't do much to liven him up. All in all a below-average robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: Falcon transformers into a kind of stealth bomber. The plane has a landing gear and carries missiles under the wings. You can also mount the gun from his robot mode either forward or backward underneath the plane. The mode is okay, but nothing more than that.

Remarks: Falcon is somewhat typical of the waning days of G1, a rather lackluster toy that looks like it was mass-produced in China to be sold in tourist stores. I personally don't like him much, but if you like small airplane-Transformers he might be your cup of tea. Then again, maybe not. Definitely a below-average toy.

Rating: D-
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