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Series: Animated
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2008

Bombs Away!
Like the other Dinobots, Swoop prefers to be left alone on Dinobot Island, where he can soar and dive without worrying about the Decepticons taking pot shots at his wings. When he does have to return to the mainland to battle Decepticons, however, he enjoys the way people scatter when they see his shadow. That, and smashing trees with his ball and chain doesn't compare to the satisfying crunch it makes when it bashes into Decepticon armour.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Swoop looks almost regal, not at all like the rather simple-minded brute he's portrayed as in the Animated cartoon. With his wings folded together down his back it seems as if he's wearing a cape and his long, narrow face makes him seem more like some sort of high chancellor to me rather than a beast bot. But anyway, Swoop is very posable and nicely detailed, even though my version of the figure isn't exactly perfect. There is a blue paint stain on his right shoulder and the gold on his brow isn't perfectly applied, either. Sadly small mistakes like these seem to be the norm for ths Animated line.

Swoop carries an almost ridiculously large ball and chain as a weapon. It has transparent-orange 'veins', to make it look aflame. The handle of the weapon is especially well-designed. There are groves carved into it that fit with Swoop's three-fingered hands. You just put the handle in between his (individually sculpted, but non-posable) fingers and it's solid. Very well done. Swoop is also posable enough to hold the weapon two-handed and it's light enough that the ball doesn't drag his arms down, too.

What else can I say? Swoop might just be the smallest Deluxe figure in Animated yet, but the lean look suits him. He could have been taller, I think, seeing as the Dinobots tend to be bigger than the 'normal' Transformers, but that's just a little thing. So all in all, a pretty well-done robot. They could have painted him a bit better, though.

Alternate Mode: Just like in the days of G1 Swoop transforms into a Pteranodon. That's a flying dinosaur, in case you didn't know. The transformation isn't that terribly complicated, of course. The arms join with the wings, which takes a bit of twisting but if you do it right arms and wings can flap together without problems. The chest slids down a bit and the head is hidden behind the beak. That's pretty much it.

The result is a pretty good-looking robotic Pteranodon. The only downside here is that the beast head is pretty much stuck in the position it's in. You can move the lower jaw, but you can't lower the head itself or move it sideways. Still, a well-done beast mode. No complaints.

Remarks: Back in G1 Swoop was the friendly one among the Dinobots and one of but very few flight-capable Autobots. He was also the rarest of the Dinobot toys and these days he's the one with the most knock-offs being sold on ebay. In Animated Swoop hasn't had much opportunity to round out his character (if he has any), he's just one of the two Dinobots always standing behind Grimlock. Still, as a figure he is pretty good, well-designed, badly painted (hopefully just mine and not in general) and overall a pretty decent figure. All Dinobot fans can definitely pick this one up.

Rating: B+

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