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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2009

Serving in an army of robots tied to the ground makes Breakaway unique. He is one of the very few among the elite Autobot flyers, and he is unmatched for speed in a straight line. While other pilots focus on aerial acrobatics that confound the enemy, Breakaway is content to speed over a fight at seemingly impossible velocity, releasing bombs and missiles that strike their targets before the thunderous boom of his passage can catch up.

Review by Ironhide77

Prelude: I'm not usually a big fan of jet Transformers, since most of them have one big flaw that I can't really get past: They're a jet with a robot hanging under it or a robot with a jet hanging off his back. But to get this out there: Breakaway does not suffer from this malady that many of his peers share. Also, he's a good ROTF figure, which is far from given in this line. He didn't make an appearance in the movie, but played a part in the video game, where he served as the Autobots' sniper.

Vehicle Mode: Breakaway transforms into a Lockheed-Martin F-35, a multi-purpose fighter jet still in development, but which has already performed its first test flights. The F-35 is designed as a vertical take-off and landing craft (VTOL), a function solely depending on its swivel-mounted main engine.

How does Breakaway look? The jet is a very close match to the model it's based on. The colouring may not be fully realistic, but it's a perfect match for what we see in the game. And I like the colour patterns, too. There are no arms visible here, but all in all a nice jet mode. Especially since all you see hanging below it is Breakaway's legs, which doesn't bothe rme much, since they for a more or less realistic looking body. Some points get deducted for the head, though. It's visible all the time, sitting right in the cockpit.

Robot Mode: Breakaway makes for a good robot. His design is somewhat unusual, but in a positive way. Thanks to his big feet the figure can be balanced easily and its posability gives no cause for complaint. Only his head is immobile and always somewhat obscured by the cockpit panes. The head itself looks pretty cool, as its designed to look as if Breakaway was wearing a pilot's oxygen mask. His hands are also very nice. He carries a minigun on his right arm, which gives him considerable firepower.

Conclusion: Breakaway is a good figure without any big flaws. My version is also put together solidly and is actually painted, not just golden plastic. Everything fits together well and there are no plastic knobs anywhere. So if you're somewhat disappointed by the ROTF line so far, I can honestly recommend Breakaway, he's worth the money. I only deduct some points for the head, seeing as it looks strange in vehicle mode and can't move in robot mode. Apart from that, though, everything's just fine. So all in all I rate Breakaway at...

Rating: A-


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