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Series: Masters of the Universe MegaConstrux
Year: 2020


MegaConstrux (aka Mattel's version of Lego) is going all-in on the Masters of the Universe, including the series' signature vehicles. In this two-pack we have one lesser-known vehicle, the Roton, and one very, very well-known "vehicle", Battle Cat, He-Man's trusty steed and friend. Let's look at the good guys first. Battle Cat is a very nicely articulated version of our favorite green tiger and comes with his customary red battle armor. The armor can be taken off and then we technically have Cringer, but with a far too fierce look on his face to be the scaredy cat. Also, there is a not very nice looking hole in Battle Cat's head where the helmet is plugged in, so better to leave the armor on. Of course we have a He-Man figure as rider, too. In this case it's Battle Armor He-Man (with an undamaged chest plate), who carries his trusty battle axe as his only weapon.

Facing him is Mer-Man, who holds a special place in my heart for being my very first Masters figure way back in 1983. Mer-Man comes with spear and sword and serves as pilot for the Roton. It's basically a black vehicle that has a rotating red disc around it. The rotation works, too, as rolling Roton across the floor makes it spin. It's far from the most iconic MotU vehicle, but it looks just like the original toy (just smaller) and works, so mission accomplished.

Overall a very nice set, though I have bought it mostly for Mer-Man and Battle Cat. Once again kudos to MegaConstrux for the amount of details they put into these sets, especially the mini figures, which are better articulated than most bigger Masters figures.

Rating: B+ 


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