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Series: Earthspark
Categories: Plush Toy
Year: 2024

Prelude: Transformers Earthspark is the newest and current kid-oriented Transformers line and apart from the usual assortment of transforming action figures, Earthspark also dives into merchandising, because that's where the money is (according to the eternal know-it-all Yoghurt, at least). Entering the world of Earthspark merchandise, we have a plush toy of none other than Optimus Prime. Is he cuddly? Let's say go!

Plush Optimus: It's been a while since I had a plush toy of a Transformer in hand. I think the last ones were Movie Softimus Prime & Slumblebee, way back in 2007. There were probably others between then and now, but that's one part of Transformers I never paid that much attention to. Anyway, this plush toy here is clearly Optimus Prime, rocking the same evergreen look as the one appearing in the Earthspark cartoon series. He is mostly one piece, the details merely printed on. Just the smoke stacks on his shoulders and parts of his head are extra pieces. His "ears" tend to droop a little, but it fits with his somewhat depressed facial expression, I think.

And... that's pretty much it. A plush toy that looks like Optimus Prime. Unsurprisingly it cannot transform (though Softimus Prime could), but it's good for cuddles.

Remarks: Three different Earthspark plush figures turned up at the German Action discount stores in 2024 and seeing as my wife and I were in one, I snatched up Optimus here as an impulse buy. The two others are Megatron and Bumblebee, in case you wondered. My buddy James then sent me back to get him an Optimus and a Megatron for his kids, but no one likes the Bumblebee, it seems. Still tons of him there last time I checked. Optimus, though, looks pretty neat and he now sits on top of my photo studio, looking slightly depressed, but cuddly. So if you are an Optimus Prime fan and want a stuffed toy for your kids (or yourself, not judging, we can all use some cuddles now and then), this guy here isn't bad.

Rating: B


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