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with Magi

Series: Prime Arms Micron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2012

Review by Laserwave13:

Prelude: Since Hasbro did not care to release Breakdown, it is no wonder that the Silas redeco is also a Takara exclusive. As unassuming or even lousy most Arms Micron toys looked in the beginning, how incomplete would our collection be if it were not for Takara to fill the gaps and give us the characters we really want. War Breakdown already received a review, including a full recommendation, so all we need to do here is a look at the differences on this Takara exclusive redeco of a Takara exclusive figure.

Alternate Mode: Just as we’ve seen it on TV and just how he is supposed to look like. The vehicle mode comes in a nearly all black deco with blue windows instead of the usual red ones, which perfectly matches the only real change on the vehicle: The chromed bumper or bull bar that is prominently attached to his front. And it looks more than good. The vehicle itself has such a nice black and dark impact that I did not care for shiny stickers and left them aside. There were only a few included anyway, just for the headlights and small windows. For an extra you get some MECH stickers as well, but I deemed them unnecessary as well. Just a dark black truck with a chromed bull bar, what more could anyone want? Simple, but genius.

Robot Mode: First of all, like with the vehicle mode, I applied almost no stickers to him. Only his waist detail, but everything else is unchanged from when he emerged from his package. Would not have been much more anyway, but since he has painted knee caps this time I think he looks more than good enough. Additionally he comes with some silver stickers resembling scratches and scars, but that might be too much. I like him as he is, dark and grim. Next to the new paint job and grill, he also received a somewhat new or at least adjusted head. Instead of a simple patch they have given him his open, damaged eye. Very nice detail. The bull bar sticks out on his body and does not fold inside, which looks very good as well and leaves an open space in his body for an additional detail. If you open him up you will see a lot of cables and hoses and in between, if you look closely, you will see the little head of Silas aka Leland Bishop, built into Breakdown’s dead body. Sadly he is unpainted, but I think this is what sells this figure. I really do like it very much that they cared to include such a small yet important detail. War Breakdown already is one of the best toys in this line and his black Mech Silas redeco is no exception, only this time he comes in MECH design.

Arms Micron: Magi, named after what it supposedly is, a praying mantis. Kind of works and looks okay. Weapon mode seems to be some kind of claw or hand weapon of some sort. To be honest I have no idea what exactly it is, but I guess it isn’t really important. Nice little extra as always, but I think most of us would have preferred to get Breakdowns Micron again or finally a practical shoulder cannon.

Conclusion: Genius and I just love him! War Breakdown started it and Silas brings it full circle. After the quick demise and the thrown away opportunity of the MECH story, at least we did get a worthy Silas Breakdown toy. If you like Breakdown and are not afraid of a redeco, this is a figure to get. There is practically nothing you could complain about except maybe his price tag and the necessity of importing him. Personally I’d like to thank Takara for offering this figure to us and you should do them right by getting it! Fully recommended!

Rating: A-
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