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Series: Dark of the Moon Mechtech
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2011

Laserbeak grows more independent each day spent away from Cybertron. The loyal servant of Soundwave and the Decepticons has become more self-aware since arriving in the Milky Way. Laserbeak continuously monitors Autobot troop movement from afar, plotting the perfect moment to unleash his laser attack.

Review by Limewire:

Prelude: Laserbeak was, to me, one of the most amazing charakters in the third movie: cunning, intelligent, brutal and ruthless, plus a very frightening appearance and a very chilling voice. His best scene: when he suicided Larry. Most horrific scene: when he shifted into the pink mini-Bumblebee *shiver*. Too bad his end was rather unspectacular...

Alternate Mode: Laserbeak transforms into a V-TOL attack drone and not – as some people proclaimed – into a modern helicopter a la Avatar. There is a certain similarity, probably intentional, but not to the extent that some people thought, because that would make Laserbeak much, much too large. Okay, technically he is still too large, but it’s more realistic. What some might see as a cockpit are just windows for the various instruments of the alternate mode (laser scope, infra red, radiation meter, heat sensors, etc.). The turbines of the V-TOL engines can spin individually. Only point deduction: some “feathers” of the robot mode are visible near the equally visible legs.

Robot Mode: Laserbeak transforms into something resembling Cybertronian condor or other bird of prey. Just like on Earth that would probably make him his world’s largest flying “beast”. He certainly is as a toy. Truly gigantic wing span! The head is very well designed, including the evil eyes. One flaw here: the jaw is attached upside down. Scandalous... but at least it remains movable. Our little bird’s articulation is impressive. Head, neck, feet, tail, and wings can be posed almost freely. Very well done!

Gimmick: Okay, I know I wrote elsewhere that Barricade has the only Mechtech weapon which can be fixed in place... which is wrong! There are a number of weapons which can do this, including Dark Steel and Starscream, all without having to modify them. In Laserbeak’s case he has two minigun maschine guns, which he can fasten to just about any point of his body. He is covered in Mechtech ports and pins. The two weapons can combine into a huge fusion blaster rifle, which resembles a shot gun (or more specifically, the shotgun like weapon Megatron carried in the movie). Great weapon, which I’ve already repurposed. ;-)

Conclusion: Top notch figure and yet another Movie beastformer that has impressed me fully (previously it was Scorponok and Ravage). Fully recommended, no matter how ugly you might find him.

And for a second opinion, the review by Optimus19:

Robotermodus: Laserbeak is a nearly perfect replica of the character we saw on the silver screen. Here’s an overview:

1. The wings look just like they did in the movie, even though they should be a darker silver / black. The silver is there in part, at least, and the red rotor blades were included, too. The wings can turn individually and beat up and down, too. I would have liked a mechanism for that, though, but no dice.

2. The head has those angled red eye slits, they look perfect. The jaw can open and there is even a tongue inside, which he had in the movie, too. The only problem here: the jaw is upside down, the tip of it should turn upward.

3. The claws are highly detailed, but sadly not articulated and a uniform black.

A well-done beast-/robot-mode.

Transformation: I didn’t intend to write anything here, but I make an exception this once. The transformation is on a par with that of a Scout/Commander-class figure.

Alternate Mode: It looks like a futuristic aircraft, but I can’t tell you which one it’s supposed to be. The wings are mostly hidden, but still fully articulated. Nicely done, the details remain intact.

Gimmicks: Laserbeak has his machine guns with him, which can be combined into one big blaster rifle. Also, Laserbeak is covered in ports: 2 on the wings, 2 below the wings, above and below the face guard in alternate mode and another two under the feet. Wow!

Conclusion: Laserbeak’s appearances in the movie were equal part horror and slapstick (sometimes both, such as when he suicided Larry). He’s also a great toy, even though he lacks color, but I don’t mind particularly. And unless I’m very much mistaken, HA Soundwave will include a Laserbeak, too, which will be in scale with the HA figures.

Rating: A, go get him!!!
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