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Series: War for Cybertron: Kingdom
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Leader
Year: 2021

Prelude:Not many people remember that there was a subgroup called Dinobots in Beast Machines. And no, none of them were called Grimlock, Slag, or any of the familiar Dinobot names. Instead they were a ragtag group of repaints, utilizing Transformers with dinosaur altmodes from Beast Wars and Beast Wars Neo. The leader of this group was T-Wrecks and now we have a new version of him in the Kingdom line. Let’s say go!

Remakrs: T-Wrecks is a straight-up repaint of Kingdom Megatron (Beast), so look there for the full review. Just some words on the differences here. T-Wrecks replaces the purples and yellows of Megatron with a brownish-red and almost metallic-looking blue. The chest and thighs are now grey. This is pretty much the exact same paintjob as the original Beast Machines T-Wrecks, who was a repaint of Beast Wars Ultra-Class Megatron. And... yeah, that’s pretty much it, actually. Same figure, no engineering changes, just a different paintjob. Still no detachable pincer in robot mode, still an awesome T-Rex mode, just new colors.

Side note: looking at the back of the box and the instruction sheet, T-Wrecks was apparently meant to have a slightly different head (with exposed teeth, similar to the head of the original BW toy), but clearly that did not happen, as he has the exact same head and face as Kingdom Megatron.

T-Wrecks and his fellow Dinobots never appeared on the TV screen, but did have a brief appearance in the Transformers Universe: The Wreckers comic books from 3H Productions. They had an encounter with the Dweller (from the G1 cartoon episode “Dweller in the Depths”) and later on helped defend the newly techno-organic Cybertron from a Quintesson invasion, gleefully slaughtering Sharkticons.

Bottom line: T-Wrecks is nothing more and nothing less than a repaint of Kingdom Megatron. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a must-have, but if you like the mold, there is nothing wrong with getting this nice-looking repaint of it.

Rating: B-

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