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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Basic
Year: 1996

Prosper or perish is the Predacon way of life, and we plan to survive by driving the Maximals into extinction! That bat-brained Optimus Primal thinks he can challenge our strength, but he has yet to feel the painful punishment I'll give him as I sink my teeth into his furry flesh! He may still be a robot on the inside, but on the outside...he's my lunch!

Robot Mode: Much like his Maximal counterpart Basic Optimus Primal there isn't a whole lot of Megatron to be found in this version of the Predacon tyrant. The head does hold some resemblance, but that's pretty much it. Leaving that aside, Megatron is a posable and nicely-made figure with nothing to complain about. He is armed with a laser rifle that doubles as th crocodile's tale. Average Beast Wars figure here, which means: pretty good.

Alternate Mode: Megatron becomes a crocodile or alligator (never could tell the difference) and does a pretty good job as one. The beast is nicely detailed, the robot parts are stored away, and there is even some minor posability. Like many of the Basic figures he is a 'snap-up' Transformer, meaning if you release the tail he snaps up into his robot mode and you just need to adjust the arms. A decent beast mode, possibly one of the better ones among the basic figures.

Remarks: Croc Megatron came in a two-pack with Bat Optimus Prime and beats out his package mate by an inch. He is a bit better in beast mode, so he gets the plus. Still, not a Megatron figure in my book, and he never appeared outside the same comic book that featured his Maximal counterpart. Do a crocodile and a T-Rex have more in common than a bat and a gorilla? Not that it's important, just thinking. Anyway, recommended to Beast Wars fanatics and Megatron megalomaniacs only.

Rating: C+
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